Shira Scott Astrof, an animal advocate and a vegan for over 20 year, rescued her first animal when she was 10 years old, and hasn't stopped. After being an active member of numerous rescue groups and organizations, in 2018 she launched her own non-profit organization, The Animal Rescue Mission (“ARM” ), a 501(c)(3) organization, where she could focus on rescuing homeless and abused animals, and educate young people and others on the importance of respect, protection and the preservation of all sentient beings. ARM’s primary focus is the rescue of dogs, cats and farm animals in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas, and outreach to schools and local communities to spread awareness about how everyone can help in reducing the suffering of animals.



Kelly has been an animal lover her entire life. Growing up in the Bay Area, her first dog came into the family as a stray at the age of 5. This was followed by numerous cats over time. In 2010, she rescued her dog Milo. He was in the shelter for months, 2 days from being euthanized and the rescue knew he would be a great dog.

He has brought so much joy to those around him that she decided to foster any "harder cases" to create what she has been able to experience, for someone else. Through love, patience and routine, these dogs flourish and are able to find their way into perfect forever homes.

Kelly is ecstatic to be a part of ARM. Being a part of a rescue has been a dream of hers.



Joey is the president of Roadmap Writers. The first time Joey walked into a kill shelter it was just to drop off blankets. Twenty four hours later, he adopted a pit bull who was in the shelter for over a month. Eight months later he adopted another pit that was deemed “aggressive”. This couldn’t have been further from the truth. Through Roadmap Writers, Joey is able to help raise pledges for dogs in kill shelters. Animal Rescue Mission hopes to raise awareness and to educate people that feel like turning in their pet is the last resort.



Lindley’s mom was allergic to dogs which predictably led to an obsession. After completing her formal education in an unrelated field, she ended up with a real mess of a dog that she irresponsibly brought home to her “no-pets” apartment. That was the beginning of the end. Since then she has rescued and rehabilitated countess dogs and realized that her true calling is facilitating the relationship between dogs and the people who love them.



Founder of REAL GOOD, Terah Gisolo: West Texas raised, rooted in Los Angeles and never without a (wo)man’s best friend! After spending her entire life surrounded by dogs, Terah was introduced to the world of rescue by her sister. Terah has fostered more than 22 dogs (in addition to her 3 dogs); all were in their last hours in the shelter or left for dead. Inspired by dogs in need, Terah has dedicated years volunteering for numerous rescue groups in New York, Texas and California. Being ARM’d to Protect The Rights of Animals, Terah’s intention is to educate and provide awareness to eliminate the unfavorable stigma surrounding specific “bully” breeds, to end the abuse and exploitation of animals and to ensure all dogs live in a loving home rather than in a shelter or on the streets. Terah’s hope is to empower individuals to feel confident about adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue group just as they would when from buying from a breeder (which she pooh-poohs on).



Growing up in an "animal household", Camille has always had pets. From dogs and cats to birds, horses and lizards, she's cared for and loved them all. It wasn't until after Camille moved from New York to Los Angeles that she discovered the joy of fostering. With the love of her life, her family dog, "Gator", back home on the East Coast, she missed having a dog and decided to temporarily take in a pup in need. After a few rounds of fostering dogs through The Animal Rescue Mission, Camille fell in love with a small mutt named Sadie and she caved. Adopting Sadie was one of the best decisions Camille's ever made and without organizations like ARM she realized little unwanted dogs like Sadie wouldn't stand a chance. Camille joined ARM shortly after and has been helping to place animals in their forever homes ever since!



Stephanie Kay Meyer has been rescuing animals for over 20 years and has volunteered with animal non-profits globally in Central, South, and North America. She is a strong advocate of living as cruelty-free as possible, and hopes to inspire personal and larger policy change through every day decisions of consuming less animal products and by eliminating unlicensed breeders, puppy mills, unethical zoos, factory farming, and more. She is certified in animal-assisted therapy and has bridged rescued dogs to carry out therapeutic services for disadvantaged children and families.